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Package box house door and window solution

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Jiangyin Zhonglian International Trade Co., Ltd

We are a modern enterprise integrating R & D, design, sales and service. It has a professional sales team and R & D technical team, especially good at the R & D and design of various customized steel doors. Our company mainly deals  various kinds of customized steel doors, such as steel doors, steel fire doors and windows, which are widely used in container homes, prefabricated houses, schools, hospitals, office buildings and various modular buildings.


Package box house door and window solution



Package box house door and window solution

10 2020-09

Fight the epidemic and aid Xinjiang

Great love has no boundaries, united will come together. The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Urumqi, Xinjiang has affected the hearts of people across the country. Under the guidance of the National Medical Treatment Expert Group, in accordance with the seventh edition of the new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan issued by the National Health Commission, adhere to the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, one person, one policy, multidisciplinary cooperation, and scientific and efficient treatment.
12 2018-11

Environmental label upgrades spur technical reform in the wood door industry

A few days ago, the national environmental standard "Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products-Furniture" issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection will be officially implemented from February 1. Compared with the previously implemented standards, the new version of the standard increases the requirements for waste recovery and treatment in the production process, adjusts the requirements for the limits of harmful substances in solvent-based wood coatings, and increases the migration elements and phthalate in the product. Limit requirements for acid esters. If it can be implemented in place, the environmental protection of homes and furniture such as wooden doors will be greatly enhanced.
26 2019-07

In the temporary construction industry, this is how the packed box house kills the mobile house!

With the diversification of architectural expressions and the increasing awareness of packaging boxes using containers as carriers, the packaging boxes are increasingly occupying the market share of temporary construction, and have eliminated the mobile houses that have dominated the industry for many years.
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