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Prefab house door 3

With many years of experience, advanced machinery and equipment and first-class technical team, the company has designed and produced prefab house door. Adopts high quality raw materials, superior design, waterproof and anti-theft function and high quality coating to adapt to the harsh working environment. To provide customers with lightweight, durable, high quality steel doors, and constantly improve the process to meet higher standards. The products of sustainable and stable development are widely recognized in the industry. Prefab house door material selection of galvanized steel plate, light, high strength, durable, easy installation The surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder or covered with high-grade wood grain film.Impact resistant The interior of the door is equipped with a steel frame, supplemented by high-grade hardware accessories. Sturdy and durable. Sealing strip is embedded at the joint of door frame and door .Waterproof thermal insulation.
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1FillingPolyurethane foaming , rock wool, perlite or paper honeycomb.Ensure excellent sound insulation and heat preservation performance

2Prehung system: less onsite labour costs.

Electrostatic powder stipple finish with a fully wrapped plastic film for superior protection.

Using a combination of inner and outer borders  or U" type door frame

3Manufactured High quality and strength galvanized steel or stainless steel

0.4-1.0mm steel sheet- door leaf.

0.8-2.0mm steel sheet-door frame.

4Electrostatic powderDoor and frame fully electrostatic powder or wooden transfer.

Various colour options available (on request).

5SealEPDM adhesive strip around the door frame, EPDM adhesive strip around the door leaf or embedded sealing strip, Ensure the excellent performance of the doo. Multiple forms of thresholds meet all needs

6StrengthThe strengthening design of the door frame and the welding of the iron plate above 3mm in the hinge position strengthen the firmness of the door.

400X130mm solid plywood fixing blocks at door to install door closer.

Plywood block or galvanized sheet at door lock to increase the strength of the door lock.

Galvanized sheet strengthened keel, frame with 7-shaped structure, door with curling edge structure.

7Hinges304 stainless steel hinges. finish electrostatic powder colour.

8Door  lockPre-opening doors lock bolt holes, install a standard lock.

Ball lock, pressure lock, fire lock, escape lock, Saloon car lock and other stainless steel locks.

9Door optionsDouble door or single door. Open inside or outside direction.

10Warranty12 months warranty.

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