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Steel insulated fireproof door, from the structural design, material selection, process treatment, to shipment and installation, every detail is carefully treated, carved. Strictly in accordance with the "GB12955-2008" standard developed by the “china national fixed fire extinguishing system and refractory component quality supervision and inspection center" inspection, fire limit respectively reached the A, B, C class fire protection requirements, and all levels of fire door products have passed the type certification of China Public Security Fire Products Standard Assessment Center.
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Fire Door
Product description

1Fireproof performance

Fire resistance grade is divided into A, B, C three, fire resistance limit are: A: 1.5 hours, B: 1 hour, C: 0.5 hours.

2Sound insulation effect

Sound insulation effect RW<38dB

3Fireproof  standard

In the fire environment, the fire resistance limit time range door body does not disintegrate, do not fire, effectively block the spread of toxic smoke.When the temperature of the fire surface reaches 1200 degrees, the highest temperature rise of the back fire surface is < ambient temperature +180 degrees Celsius >, and the average temperature rise is < ambient temperature +120 degrees Celsius >.


1FillingFire door core panel.Ensure excellent fire resistance

2Door and frame with pre-drilled holes for installation.

This ensures a neat flush finish.

3Manufactured High quality and strength galvanized steel or stainless steel

0.8 steel sheet- door leaf.

1.2 steel sheet-door frame.

4Electrostatic powderDoor and frame fully electrostatic powder or wooden transfer.

Various colour options available (on request).

5SealFire expansion adhesive strip around the door framefire expansion adhesive strip around the door leaf.Ensure excellent air tightness and fire resistance of door.

6Strength400x130mm solid plywood fixing blocks at door to install door closer.

Galvanized sheet at door lock to increase the strength of the door lock.

Galvanized sheet strengthened keel, frames with 7-shaped structure.

7Hinges304 stainless steel hinges. finish electrostatic powder colour.

8Door  lockPre-opening doors lock bolt holes, install a standard lock.

Fire lock, escape lock and other stainless steel fire locks.

9Door optionsDouble door or single door. Open inside or outside direction.

10Warranty12 months warranty.

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